Dream of: 12 April 1975 "Dr. Tulp's Anatomy Lesson"

I was in a chemistry class in a school near Patriot, Ohio. I had decided I wanted to go to medical school and I knew I would first have to take some prerequisite courses. Probably 25-25 students were in the class. I couldn't tell whether I was younger than my classmates or whether they were younger than I.

In front of me was sitting a fellow I knew who seemed to be Gary Altizer. I whispered to him and the teacher caught us. The teacher was a disciplinarian and marched us both to the hall where he intended to paddle us. I refused. I knew he had no right to paddle me. The other fellow complied and was hit with a long, black paddle. The teacher hit awkwardly at an angle and having finished, said something like, "Too much of an angle."

We returned to the classroom with no further mention of my insubordination. But I feared my chances for medical school might be damaged.

It was almost 3 o'clock and consequently time for school to dismiss. I was in a rush to pack all my things. I filled a couple large sacks with clothes and many bottles of chemicals. Having finished I boarded a bus and saw my classmates on board. Among them were some rather attractive young girls. But one young boy in particular ensnared my attention. I inquired as to his age and he replied in a slurred, almost retarded voice, "Nine."

He held up one hand to show me his age and I saw he had six fingers on that hand. I noticed below his arm a semi-developed arm. It was a grisly sight and reminded me of the arm I had seen in a painting entitled "Dr. Tulp's Anatomy Lesson." A less-developed appendage also appeared below the right arm. It was as though nature had experimented and had been unsuccessful with this mutant. I was quite intrigued by the deformity.

The same person who had been the teacher was also the bus driver. He reminded me of an old wood-shop teacher I had had in the seventh grade. He drove the bus through Patriot and dropped someone off in front of the house next door to the House in Patriot. I asked him if he intended to go to the next corner. He said yes. He then turned around and began going up the street backward. We passed the House in Patriot and proceeded to a new, small subdivision of the village where two pretty girls descended and a boy ascended I thought, "Some go, some come."

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