Dream of: 17 February 1975 "Place-Names"

I was near the Gallia County Farm on a neighboring farm where a family named Smith had once lived. I could see the line of trees marking the path of Symmes Creek beyond the road. The Smith farmhouse was no longer standing and only a few, scattered, wooden posts remained near the muddy and desolate fields. It seemed a sale had been held to liquidate the equipment and property; nearby, where the house had been, stood some people whose features seemed distinct, rigid and vivid.

Looking about I discovered a chart with a list of various place-names with which I was unfamiliar; I was unsure what the place-names signified. One of the names was "Bidlick"; I figured the name probably referred to the village of Bidwell. Another name on the list probably referred to a section of the creek immediately across the road.

My father stepped up; he also didn't understand the names on the chart. After we spotted a man laboring on the hillside, we approached him to ask about the names. I spoke first and explained to the man that the chart couldn't help us if we didn't know where the places were. Although I was most interested in finding out the name of the section of the creek immediately across the road, I first asked where Bidlick was. The man gladly began explaining the location of Bidlick and I soon concluded that he was indeed talking about the village of Bidwell.

At the bottom of the hill stood a barn with a few bails of hay at one end. The man continued talking and said he had bought the hay at the auction and had paid $100 for 100 bails. My father's attention was ensnared and he began talking about the prices of hay.

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