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Dream of: 03 February 1975 "Gushing Blood"

Birdie had married Shaw and they were living in a house in New Boston, Ohio on a street between Gallia and Rhodes Streets. Birdie had a sister who seemed like her friend, Young, who was living with her. Birdie also had a half-black child. Another blonde girl with whom I apparently was having an affair was also in the house. I visited the blonde at the house and we had sex together.

Afterwards, I went to a bar where I found Birdie working as a barmaid. The bar was empty at first, but then began filling up. I had sex with Birdie, but then we became separated and I couldn't find her. I missed her so much I hurt. Finally I returned to Birdie's house and I began talking to Birdie's sister. At last Birdie returned. She was confused and seemed almost like a lost wandering ghost. She couldn't seem to make up her mind.

A big party began and Birdie disappeared. I went alone upstairs and fell asleep. Someone woke me at midnight and I went back downstairs where I found Rick Saul (a Portsmouth acquaintance) sitting on the couch taking care of Birdie's half-black child. Birdie was there and was frantic. Birdie said that her father, Bishop, was after me and that I must leave at once. I walked out onto the porch; it was daylight. When Bishop pulled up in a Volkswagen, I tried to greet him in a friendly way, but he pulled out a gun and aimed it at my head. He then handed me the gun, although he kept one hand in his pocket. Figuring the gun he had given me must be empty, I handed it back to him.

Another black gun was lying on the sidewalk. Bishop picked it up and I ran across the street. He fired and I fell; blood gushed from my side. An ambulance filled with black people was passing. I screamed for help and I pointed at Bishop, who was preparing to fire again. The ambulance slowed down, the people inside looked at me and then they continued on without stopping.

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