Dream of: 13 October 1974 "Strange Old House"

I went for a ride in the country with several other men. We stopped and I stood outside by the car. Another car pulled up which contained two girls who somehow appeared to be my sisters. One was Jeannie (a former high school classmate). She stepped from the car and stood beside me. I was in love with her.

I returned to the city and went into the kitchen of a large house. The other men were still with me.

I decided to explore the house. After walking around for a while I discovered I was lost. The house seemed old and strange. As I went from one room to the next I became more and more lost. I wandered around for a long time. In many rooms I saw beds with pillows which resembled human beings covered with covers.

Finally I fled and found my way back to the kitchen where I found the girl I loved. I told her to walk through the house. She did so and soon became lost. I was sad.

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