Dream of: 24 May 1974 "Blood And Groans"

A friend and I were attending a high school class; we were in a room which reminded me of Portsmouth High School. After a female teacher commenced the class, the students gathered around her, sat on chairs and on the floor in a large circle and began discussing plans for a party.

I next was at the party in a circle of people lying next to a young girl. An unknown comedian had been hired for entertainment and was telling dull jokes which seemed to be amusing the other students. I however was more occupied by my female friend.

 I soon found myself on a farm tending a herd of cows. One of the bulls with large horns was my special pet. When I turned him loose in the field he began chasing the other cows. He bit and butted them. I began chasing him. I had a stick with a spike-like protrusion in it which I used to hit him. He tried to gore me with his horns. I jammed the stick into his side and amidst blood and groans wrestled him to the ground. After a short while of such torment I withdrew the stick and began petting him. I noted a large wound I had made and felt pity for him.

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