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Dream of: 02 February 1974 "Tunnel To A Lake"

I was in the country near Lake Roosevelt in Scioto County, Ohio; I was watching some carpenters build a large house with two basements, one underneath the other. The bottom basement was connected by a tunnel to a large underground lake. I had once before seen a basement connected to a lake by a tunnel in this fashion, but I could not remember where.

The man who owned the house had given permission for a party to be held at the lake. Albert Einstein, my mother, my father, Clifford (my high school classmate), and about 20 other people including some underage girls would be attending the party. Because the girls were underage, we would be breaking the law by allowing them to come to the party.

The day of the party arrived; after the guests and I had assembled at the house, we divided into three groups. I was in a group with three of the most attractive girls girls whom I did not know.

We all descended to the lower basement and into the tunnel which connected the basement to the lake. As we began walking along the tunnel in the direction of the lake, we also began undressing. As I was unzipping my pants, someone from one of the other groups which had gone ahead of us came running back through the tunnel from the lake. He screamed that it was a trap, that the police were waiting at the lake! At the same instant a policeman appeared behind us with a gun and fired a shot in our direction. The rest of my group fled; I fell to the ground, lodged myself in a small crevice and hastily re-buttoned my pants

Police assembled about 20 meters both in front and in back of me. Knowing I had no chance of escape I yelled that I wanted to surrender. I raised myself and approached the police officers; Jack Turner (a Portsmouth, Ohio acquaintance, a year behind me in high school, he later became a policeman) was one of the policemen. When I reached the police officers, they immediately handcuffed me, but the handcuffs were broken and they slipped from my hands, allowing me to remain unfettered.

I was quickly whisked away to the police station. Once there, I began delivering a bitter tirade against my captors. As I raved, the rest of the people from the party were led in. Albert Einstein appeared pitiful; I felt so bad for him, I began to cry. Wishing I could cover his face, I walked over to him, put my arms around him and tried to comfort him.

I was enraged by the conduct of the police. About 30 of them were involved in the affair; how much tax money was being wasted here?

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