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Dream of: 05 December 1973 "Finished With Drugs"

While sitting in a classroom somewhere on the campus of The Ohio State University, I glanced through a window encased in a door leading to a hallway, and saw my friend Steve Weinstein standing on the other side of the door. After I walked over to the window and tapped it, Weinstein turned toward me, opened the door and walked into the classroom.

After we had both sat down, I noticed that Weinstein seemed to have aged since I had last seen him. When I asked him what he was doing in Columbus, he avoided the question, but he acted as if he hadn't come to see me.

We began talking about drugs and Weinstein told me he had been smoking and selling marijuana. He also said that he was selling some LSD called "purple barrel" and that he just happened to have a tablet of purple barrel with him. When he asked if I would like to try it, I said no, that I was finished with drugs.

When my friend Roger Anderson showed up, I quickly learned that Anderson (who appeared to have become Weinstein's new friend) had regularly been smoking the marijuana which Weinstein was selling.

I asked Weinstein about his present scholastic status and he informed me that he had taken a correspondence course at Ohio State. That surprised me, but it surprised me even more when he told me he had failed.

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