Dream of: 03 December 1973 "Awkward Position"

I picked up Birdie somewhere and together we absconded to the Gallia County Farmhouse. My grandmother Mabel was in the House when we arrived; although my grandmother didn't say anything about it, she knew Birdie was married.

After Birdie and I had sat down in the front room, Birdie peered through the front door window and exclaimed that her father, Bishop, was driving up the road. His arrival terrified us both. Birdie and I quickly decided we must hide; we hustled up the stairs. We went into a closet in an upstairs bedroom where a square hole approximately 50 by 50 centimeters in the ceiling led to the attic. I removed a piece of wood (blocking the way) from the upper side of the hole, and then helped Birdie through.

I then walked back downstairs and excitedly told my grandmother I needed her to load a gun for me. She said a gun was already loaded in the gun case. I fetched the gun, which looked like a shotgun. However, the shells weren't shotgun shells, but long, gold, metal shells.

When Bishop arrived at the front door, my grandmother opened the door. Bishop walked in and informed my grandmother that he was looking for Birdie and that she had stolen a gun of his. With the rifle across my shoulders, I walked into the room and told Bishop that before I had come to the Farm I had left Birdie in downtown Portsmouth, Ohio. He appeared disbelieving, but he said all right, and he departed.

My grandmother accompanied Bishop to his car at the bottom of the hill in front of the Farmhouse, and then she started back up the hill toward the Farmhouse. Meanwhile, I returned to the upstairs and helped Birdie from the attic. We walked back downstairs into the living room where, like a fool, Birdie stood in front of the window where she could be seen. Bishop (who hadn't yet left) was looking toward the Farmhouse right at that moment; I was sure he saw Birdie.

As I looked toward Bishop's car, I noticed a small child (perhaps 10 years old) in the car with him. The child (which I had never seen before) had blond hair.

When the car finally pulled away, I saw it wasn't leaving, but simply circling to the other side of the House. I became frightened; Bishop must have some devious plot in mind.

After hustling Birdie back upstairs, I glanced through an upstairs window; the car was now being driven by the child, while Bishop was sneaking around the barn at the top of the hill, obviously trying to see us. I hurried Birdie back through the hole into the attic and then, carrying the rifle, I walked back downstairs, where I found Bishop lurking on the front porch.

My gun became un-cocked and a bullet clogged in the mechanism. I put a new bullet in the gun and re-cocked it. Bishop stepped inside and stood in front of me. He then began going through the House and he finally headed upstairs. He went to the closet where the hole to the attic was located and he began to push the wood panel back from the hole. I aimed my rifle at him.

Before firing, however, I tried to decide what I would do with Bishop's body and what I would tell the police. Because Birdie was married, she and I were in an awkward position.

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