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Dream of: 25 June 1973 "Symposium"

I was sitting in the kitchen of the House in Patriot; although I couldn't see him, I could hear my uncle George talking in the adjoining room. Apparently some women had called him and said my pet Dalmatian, Dac, which I had lost about a year earlier, was up some hollow. I wanted to go and find him.

Just then I looked outside and saw a car drive up. I did not recognize the person inside at first; but when he stepped from the car I saw he was my first cousin Alan. Although he was 3-4 years older than I, he looked a couple years younger. He walked inside and we shook hands. He then grabbed me by the waist and I grabbed him as if we were wrestling Indian style.

He seemed different than the last time I had seen him; he was wearing makeup and lipstick. I commented about it and I told him he looked good with makeup. That seemed to please him.

He did not seem to be an interesting person. He talked about some dirty movies he had seen and said he had a job in town selling furniture.

On the kitchen table were some books I had been reading, among which was a copy of Plato's Dialogues. I showed the book to Alan and said I had just finished reading half of the Symposium before he had arrived. He glanced through it and came to a part which said something like, "The more a person eats, the hungrier he gets."

I explained that that meant a person should try to be content with what he has and not want more material things but rather more spiritual.

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