Dream of: 15 June 1973 "Bleak House"

I had apparently been drafted into the army against my will and was fighting in a war in a jungle in what seemed to be Vietnam. I became disturbed after I shot and killed one of the enemy, and I decided I no longer wanted to fight. I could see the fighting was beginning to have negative effects on my mind.

If I quit fighting I would have to go to the army's jail; so I went to the jail voluntarily to find out what it would be like.

I found a special kind of punishment being used on the prisoners in the jail. It was administered by devices called "hot-boxes," which consisted of small rooms into which a person was placed and then blasted with hot gusts of air.

I stood beside one of the hot boxes, looked inside through a side window, and watched a young man being subjected to this unique punishment. He appeared to be undergoing excruciating pain and as I gazed into his eyes, I perceived his suffering and began to cry.

I decided I clearly could no longer fight for an institution which would do this to its own people. Being imprisoned myself would be better than fighting. When I went to the office of my superiors and informed them of my decision, they seemed annoyed, but not shocked.

I was promptly led away to a jail which seemed to be somewhere in the United States. When I arrived I first checked to see if the jail had a library and I was happily surprised to find one. I thought I could spend my time reading in jail - perhaps I could even read in a hot box if I were put in one.

I checked out a book from the library entitled Bleak House which I thought had been written by Charles Dickens. I was then led to the prisoners' quarters which consisted of a large hall in which were housed 100-200 prisoners. It was beginning to seem more and more as if I were in a Nazi-type concentration camp rather than in a prison run by my own country.

I was greeted in the prisoners' quarters by an old comrade whom I had seen for quite a while who had fought beside me earlier in the jungles. He ran to me and embraced me. We walked around together and I felt as if he were my close comrade.

I was soon surprised to find some females also imprisoned with us. I met and began talking with a young attractive girl with long frizzy hair who reminded me of someone I had known at The Ohio State University named Kathy.

For some reason she told me she had to make a grade average of 1.0 to leave. I showed her my grade report which was stuck in my book. When she saw I had made a 3.8 average she began calling me "the brain."

I next learned that some hot boxes were in the Philippines and that the prisoners were going to be transported there. We were supposed to board some airplanes and everyone began to leave. I walked outside and saw more buildings similar to the one in which I had been. Swarms of prisoners were streaming out of the building toward the planes. My group began running toward the planes and as I also began running, I felt as if I were flying.

As I looked around I was surprised by the extreme look of emptiness and sadness in the eyes of my fellow prisoners.

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