Dream of: 02 November 1972 "Hallelua"

I was in a house in Columbus, Ohio where my friend Randy Ramey and his friend Ted were living. After a while, I left the house and went for a walk. The surroundings outside did not seem like Columbus.

I had been fasting and was quite weak; nevertheless I continued walking until I reached a music store. I stepped inside, began shopping, and ended up buying a violin for $30. I also bought four books, two of which were music books for beginning violin and saxophone. I was charged 25 cents for each quarter pound of books -- the total price came to $7.

I placed the books in a large metal box to carry home; but I had difficulty toting everything. Since I was so weak from fasting, I decided to leave the violin at the store and return for it later. As soon as I left the store I also set down the box and left it behind.

I continued walking until I reached a large beautiful park filled with trees and people. I was so weak I could hardly walk. I fell down and the people passing me thought I was intoxicated from alcohol or drugs. A small girl walked by and said, "Why don't you straighten up? Start your life over now. It's not too late."

I pulled myself up and half-walked, half-crawled to a bench. People were sitting on several other park benches nearby. I took off my brown leather jacket and laid it on the bench beside me. Right in front of me was a little tree with a beautiful little brown bird chirping a wonderful song -- I thought I had never seen anything quite so pretty.

A gray cat which apparently belonged to someone nearby walked up and climbed the tree until it was almost on top the bird. I was sure the bird saw the cat, but the bird made no attempt to escape. The cat reached out its paw, slapped the bird and knocked off a few feathers. As the bird fell from the tree, I thought, "Good. It'll get away now."

The bird flew back to the cat and sat down next to it. The cat reached out its paw, grabbed the bird by the neck and squeezed. I was terrified. No one did anything to stop the cat as it carried the bird from the tree to the ground. When the cat (which began to look more like a large dog) started to put the bird into its mouth, I thought the bird was finished.

From the pocket of my brown leather jacket (lying beside me) I extracted a hairbrush, stood up and threw the brush at the dog. The dog was startled, the bird flew away and I sat back down. The dog walked over to me and I started petting it. It reminded me of my pet Dalmatian, Dac, and for a moment I even thought it was Dac. Even after I realized the dog wasn't Dac, I still somehow thought I had bought the dog somewhere and that it belonged to me.

Suddenly I heard a noise which sounded like a jet; I looked up and saw a cylinder (which sounded and looked like a bomb) flying low overhead. I thought the cylinder was going to hit us, but it flew on by. Something fell from the cylinder as it passed -- a parachute opened in the sky and landed nearby in another section of the park. At the same time I heard a loud explosion in the distance.

I wanted to see who had been in the parachute. I asked a girl sitting with her mother and father on a bench next to mine if she would watch my jacket for me. She said she wouldn't -- she likewise wanted to go see the parachute. She said I could leave the jacket with her mother and father.

I did so. As the girl and I walked across the park together, she helped me along because I was still weak. I felt as if I were in love with her. When we reached the place where the parachute had landed, we found a large number of people gathered in a wide circle for a religious meeting. The man in the parachute had landed right in the middle of the circle. He wore a uniform with a patch over his heart with the letters ASA, which I thought stood for "Area of South Asia;" I also thought war had begun.

The people were singing loudly and beautifully -- I also wanted to sing. The only word I could distinguish was "Hallelua." I cried and the girl comforted me. Still weeping, I became weak and fell to the ground. The girl sat down beside me -- I knew she loved me.

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