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Give Him Praise

Praise Report

Revised SEPTEMBER 16, 2008


This is a addition to the prayer requst page, so please tell me anything that God has done in your life. If you like this page please send me an e-mail, the address link is below. Give him all the praise, for he does great things.

I just received the AWESOME Praise Report and had to share with you. Thanks Sarah!
Lord, thanks for your Faith in me. Thanks for your plan well done. Thanks for using me to glorify your beauty and never let me fail to achieve that. Thanks for the beautiful marriage coming. Thanks for the right relationship that you have already granted to me. Thanks for the boundless abundance you establish in my life. Thanks for strengthening my life purpose to serve. Thanks for having me well equipped to do your job in this world. Thanks for the constant growth and higher understanding. Thanks for helping me to find the true beauty, the inner beauty. Thanks for helping me to see others in a broader and a wider perspective. Thanks for your mercy, your cleansing and your unfailing LOVE.
Sarah C.

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