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Jorge F. Arancivia in Acho 1945.....ole!..... Matado.o..o..r.......OLE!

Jorge F. AranciviaAcho

Taurine Club Tour Lima Acho 1999


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Lima Peru Acho Tour Feria 1999 Depart Oct. 29
Poem "Taurine Page Torosperu Arancivia Ent." in Town
Personal page "Jorge"
Tour For You Unbeatable
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Arancivia Ent.

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Taurine Tour information and time line, tour Lima 99

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Homenaje a mi Padre

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Biographical Information

Jorge M. Arancivia
Owner and Promoter

Born in Callao, Peru and arrived USA at 17, proudly served US Army and tour VietNam, worked for Baxter Mfg.Inc. for 16 years, presently self employed Arancivia Enterprises Lake Elsinore CA USA

Company Name
Arancivia Enterprises

Description of most noteworthy personal achievements.

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Tauromaquia (bullfighting), Auto Racing and Travel

22 Day Tour
Peru is a facinating Country with a vast array of diverse coulture, interesting and inpressive places and things to do.


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