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Cave cartoons - July 1999

This one appeared in the Texas Caver, the official caving magazine of Texas. They printed several other Calvins, which I am still searching for in my backyard shed. The smudge on the butler's face is water damage. I suppose I should try to fix that.








The above left is by Kerry Brown.

This one to the left is a little hard to make out. We see a cave man shaking a can of spray paint, holding a stencil of a running deer.

(ahem!) Ah... you see, cave dwelling prehistoric man used to paint images of game animals in the hopes that he could better catch them for food. The humor derives from the juxtaposition of prehistoric man, spray paint, cave paintings, vandalism and food, all of which have to do with caves.
I guess you had to be there.

Below right is by Kerry Brown.


This one to the left and also the one below right are by Kerry Brown.


All cartoons (c)WHPayne except where otherwise noted. Cartoons have appeared in past issues of the NTSS Cavers Echo. Cartoons may be reproduced by publications and newsletters of organizations affiliated with the National Speleological Society. Please give credit to the author(s).