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Cave cartoons - February 1999


These two cartoon are by Kerry Brown, a founding member of NTSS, and a frequent contributor to the Caver's Echo. He has always been reluctant to sign his work, but it's always quality stuff.


Then there was the Kitty Kaver series, about a caving cat who managed to annoy the cavers, who nevertheless kept taking him caving.







If you're not from the Dallas, area, you may not be familiar with Six Flags Over Texas, a theme park which used to feature the Spelunker's Cave, a personal favorite of mine.

All cartoons (c)WHPayne except where otherwise noted. Cartoons have appeared in past issues of the NTSS Cavers Echo. Cartoons may be reproduced by publications and newsletters of organizations affiliated with the National Speleological Society. Please give credit to the author(s).