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Cave cartoons - April 1999


"Well, that's the end of this passage. Let's go get a beer!"

And here's this month's episode of Kitty Caver:

"Uh oh. I think this passage doesn't go after all..."

Here's a cartoon from Kerry Brown (left).









This one is a full-page classic from Lois. She is now the editor of the NSS member's manual, by the way.


To the right we have another classic Kerry Brown cartoon. I really love this one.

















This episode of Calvin the Caver is the second of a three part series...

....continued in May issue of Cave Cartoons


All cartoons (c)WHPayne except where otherwise noted. Cartoons have appeared in past issues of the NTSS Cavers Echo. Cartoons may be reproduced by publications and newsletters of organizations affiliated with the National Speleological Society. Please give credit to the author(s).