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My "patch" work quilt is finally complete!

I sewed each state's patches on a different square. Since some states have more councils than others, of course, all the squares are different sizes. The hardest part was getting all those squares to somehow fit together to make a big rectangle. I really enjoyed working on this quilt, and since I'm still collecting patches, who knows what project I'll do next!

The pictures take a while to download, so please be patient. I worked a long time on this quilt, so I'm pretty proud and I want everyone to see it!

My kids climbed to the top of our fort in our backyard and then held the quilt so I could take pictures.

Here I am with the quilt.

This is a close up of the Texas Square. My son especially likes this square because I sewed the patches on in the shape of the state of Texas. I figured I'd do something special with that square since it is my home state!

Here are some closer views.

Thanks for visiting and thanks for waiting for all the pictures to download.
Please feel free to email me at kerubini at with any comments!

Here's another quilt done with GS patches.

Here's a blanket done with GS patches.
I think it's pretty cool!!! She put each patch on a separate square.
If you have done a quilt, or have a photo of what you've done with your patches, I'll be glad to post a link here, just send me an email.

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