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May's Girl Scout Patch Trading Page

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I collect Girl Scout council patches, council pins, council camp patches, council anniversary patches, bandanas, foreign patches, and Boy Scout Council Shoulder Patches.

I have been trading Girl Scout Council Patches since early 1996, and I have completed over 700 trades!

I have been pretty inactive in my trading for the last couple of years. You are welcome to write me for a trade, and I will do my best to respond and trade but I cannot guarantee the timeliness of my response. Thanks!! (Updated December 23, 2001)

Since I am also involved in Boy Scouts, naturally I also got into trading Boy Scout Council Shoulder Patches. If you are interested in trading CSPs, please click here.

I currently have all the council patches and MY QUILT IS COMPLETE!!!
Please click here to see photos of my completed project! It is now hanging in my den for all the world to see! Much to my delight, my husband thinks it's really cool and helped me hang it up.

If you're interested in reading about how I got started trading patches, click here. Also featured on this page are a pictures of an "out-of-print" patch and a patch from an extinct council.

Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council (formerly known as San Jacinto Girl Scouts) finally came out with their new patch in the fall of 2001. If you're interested in seeing the 2 former patches that I have, please , click here.

If you want a TERRIFIC resource for trading patches, click this button.

Here's what I am collecting these days.
New versions of Council Patches. Although my quilt completed, I'm still on the lookout for new versions of Council Patches. I'm not quite sure what I will do with these since it is too late to add them to the quilt. Probably start another quilt. Or just sew them on to a blanket (a lot easier!).
Camp patches (properties, not day camps or summer camps)
See my list of US GS Camps by clicking here.
Since there are so many of these, I'll probably just sew them all on to a blanket (or more than one!) some day.
Council Pins (or an interesting pin from your state!)
See my list of US GS Council Pins by clicking here.
Council Anniversary patches - either celebrating a GS Anniversary or the local council's anniversary
Bandanas Since I have bandanas to trade (see below) I'd like to collect bandanas. If you have any local bandana, GS or otherwise, I'd love to trade!
Foreign patches - Since I'm in Houston, Texas, that means outside the USA.
Boy Scout Council Shoulder Patches.
See my list of US Boy Scout Councils by clicking here.
Penguin/Puffin patches - I am now collecting patches with pictures of penguins or puffins on them. I collect penguins and I collect patches. Why not combine! I hope to make a penguin patch blanket or quilt one day! (For those who don't know, penguins live in the southern hemisphere, puffins are their cousins who live in the northern hemisphere!)
Do you have any unique patches? Email me at kerubini at

Here is what I have to trade as of today, May 6, 2001:

San Jacinto Council Patch (my council)

San Jacinto Council camp patches: Click here see pictures of these camp patches.

  • Camp Agnes Arnold
  • Camp Aranna
  • Camp Camwood
  • Camp Casa Mare
  • Camp Misty Meadows
  • Camp Robinwood
  • Camp Silver Springs
  • Camp Whispering Pines

    I also have some San Jacinto earned patches to trade. I have not had a chance to get the requirements yet, but they are readily available and I'll get them next time I'm at the GS office. If you are interested, please click here.

    I also have some patches that I happen to have only one of that I would like to trade. If you are interested in these, please click here.

    Juliette Low Portrait Patch
    This is the portrait of Juliette sitting with a pink dress on. It is not stitched, but it is a very pretty patch. I currently have several of these to trade.
    Please note the picture below does not look that great because the patch is kind of shiny and my scanner did not like that too much. Anyway, it looks better than the picture here.

    San Jacinto 85th Anniversary Bandana - only 2 left.
    This Bandana has a picture of Juliette Low in the middle, with large numbers 1912 and 1997. In a circle around her picture and the years are pictures of girls wearing uniforms throughout the years, and names of badges from all the years. Forming a square around this are the GS Laws, and finally on the edges, on one side is Braille, one side semaphores and one side sign language all saying Happy Birthday. On the fourth side it says San Jacinto Girl Scout Council Celebrate 85 years of Girl Scouting. This bandana is really cool (Sorry I don't have a picture.) I will trade the bandana for 2 patches.

    San Jacinto Outdoor Bandana - only 5 left.
    This Bandana has pictures of animals, animal tracks, knots, trail signs, how to fold a flag, how to build a fire, and more! It says San Jacinto Girl Scouts Camping is what I like to do along the bottom. This bandana is similar to the first aid bandana in that the entire bandana is covered with pictures and words. (Sorry I don't have a picture.) I will trade the bandana for 2 patches.

    Girl Scouting Is… - only 1 left.
    This Bandana is pink Girl Scouting is… and has pictures of girls doing Girl Scout stuff. Picture below. I will trade the bandana for 2 patches.

    San Jacinto does not have a pin, but I do have a pin from the San Jacinto Monument (San Jacinto is a battleground that our council is named for). Note: this is a different pin than I was trading before. When I went to the monument to buy more they were out. My heart just sank! Then the lady behind the counter said, oh, we have this pin. I think it's a nicer pin, still says San Jacinto Monument and Houston on it.

    If you want to see a picture of the old pin

    click here.

    My current dups are:

      US Council ID Strips:
    • Centrillio
    • Irish Hills
      US Council patches:
    • Mid-Continent, MO - 1
    • Black Diamond, WV - 1
    • Citrus Council of Girl Scouts, FL - 1
    • Girl Scouts of Frontier Council, NV - 1
    • Northwest Goergia G.S.C. - 1
    • Girl Scout Council of Greater St. Louis (shows archway, farm river with boat), MO - 1
    • South Texas - 3. (I currently have 1 each of the S. Texas camp patches.)
      -------> Well, I finally made it to the South Texas Council shop which is actually not very far from my house and has a very nice, friendly shop keeper who, it turns out, I met in San Jacinto Council when I first started out as a leader back in 1985! Anyway, I picked up a few council patches to trade, and some camp and earned patches to keep. I can get more of the earned and camp patches, so if you are interested, click here, and have a look at all of them and let me know what you would like.