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The Wonder Years - FAQ's

"Did Kevin and Winnie end up getting married at the end of the series?"

Kevin and Winnie did not get married, and no matter how many reunion scripts are written to settle the uneasiness in your minds, they simply DID NOT get married. People wonder why this is, and it is probably because Kevin realized that with Winnie in Paris for eight years, it would be quite hard to continue a relationship, thus Kevin moved on and found someone else whom he also loved, and married them. He also had a son.

"Is there a connection between Doug and The Wonder Years? They seem to be very similar!"

It has been noted by a few Wonder Years fans that the Nicktoon "Doug" is a large rip-off of The Wonder Years. Just about every episode is the same as an episode of The Wonder Years, plus it features narration by a young kid growing up. The only thing "Doug" really lacks is the good music; it is replaced by just a lot of whistling, yodeling, and electronic tunes. Many shows are similar to The Wonder Years in content, but "Doug" also features a constant narration from the main character, which is what makes it so much like The Wonder Years. Plus, it focuses mainly on Doug, whereas many sitcoms will focus on the parents as well (stuff like, "The Simpsons"). The only shows that come close, that I can think of, are "Brooklyn Bridge" (Bravo Network), and "Boy Meets World" (ABC), though they lack the constant narration.

"Is Josh Saviano (Paul Pfeiffer) Marilyn Manson?"

It is unknown where this rumor originated, but the answer is No.
Although they may look alike, they are two totally ditterent people.

"In the final episode, did Kevin and Winnie really have sex in the barn?"

It is generally believed that they did, because they were making out like there was no tomorrow, right after Winnie said "I don't want it to end." Whilst making out, they "got comfortable" several times, and that is normally a precursor to intercourse(!) occurring. There were numerous somewhat subtle references to sex throughout the series, but this was a more overt one. Plus, had they not done "it", they would have never gotten back together (again).

Thanks to Kyle G. for this information

"Why in the hell is this site mostly about Danica McKellar? You need to have your head examined!"

So far, I have gotten SEVEN e-mails asking this question, and THAT'S TOO MUCH! OK, I'll testify to having had the serious hots for Danica McKellar from 4/99 to 8/99. (I began this entire site in her honor, actually. If not for that, it probably wouldn't be here.) If I understand correctly, many guys, randomly seeded throughout the U.S.A. and the world, had a "two-week thing" where they had the hots for her as well; but theirs were in the 1980's, and my thing lasted 16 weeks. I wrote about it all copiously in my personal journal, and I will post that chapter in its entirety at a later date. My response to this too-frequently-asked question is If you can't say something nice (when emailing me), don't say anything at all. Please. Many guys have had the hots for unattainable women throughout their lives, and I am no different. Mmm'kay? Next question:

"What's with the alphanumeric displays on the front page? How did you make them?"

Answering this question proactively, it's a testament to my love of PINBALL! I found one of these displays on a pinball website, and I pulled it and used Canon Photo (zooming in to 8X normal size, of course) to hand-draw the correct words in orange over the LED segment tracks.
Of course, almost every person has seen these 13-segment-per-character, 16-character-per-line LED stick displays on things like Williams and Bally pinball machines from the late 1980's (these obviously came before dot-matrix displays), and various vending machines which have alphanumeric LED displays. All I can say is, if you aren't fond of them at all, just be thankful I didn't use the Gottlieb alphanumeric displays. (They are UGLY!)

"Where can I get episodes of The Wonder Years on VHS/DVD?"

One out of three emails I get about this site asks this question, and I will answer all of them collectively: There are SEVERAL good places on the Internet where you can get these; CDNOW is my favorite, and you could also turn to eBay.
NOTE: Only "select" episodes (i.e. the pilot episode, the Christmas edition, etc.) are available through these methods. To try to obtain EVERY episode on tape, you will have to consult a private collector from another Wonder Years site, as I regret that, being in college, I do not have the time or money for tape trading.

Where was "The Wonder Years" supposed to be set?
The unofficial answer is We'll never know. Some say that it was set in California, because a driver's license shown in one episode had "State of California" written on it, but it might have been set somewhere on the East Coast, because in one episode, Kevin's family and Paul went to Ocean City, which is on the eastern seaboard. It would be unlikely that they would go there if they were living on the west coast. But then again, who knows? I used to know all about every episode (just about,) but that plethora of knowledge has long since passed...
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