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Welcome to the World of Wonder Years!  Celebrating our 10th Year on the Internet!

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This site was last updated:
September 1, 2008

Hello there, children! Your webmaster, Jason, here again.
If any of you were wondering what happened to me and why I haven't updated, please click here for the story.

The last major update I made was cleaning up the Museum, dividing it into several pages of 25 pics each.
It's gonna be difficult for me to make updates to the sub-pages, since Netscape Composer doesn't work anymore, for whatever reason.
My next move will be to add one of those new-fangled Invision forums, and update the graphics on here.
Maybe I'll actually be able to get some actual work done on here, before the sky falls...

This site will ALWAYS be

in order to bring you the most accurate Wonder Years information on the Internet!
Updates may be sporadic, but everything shall be kept current.

What's your pleasure?

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Now split into mulitple pages for your convenience!
Danica McKellar Museum Page 1 Danica McKellar Museum Page 2 Danica McKellar Museum Page 3 Danica McKellar Museum Page 4 Danica McKellar Museum Page 5 Danica McKellar Museum Page 6 Danica McKellar Museum Page 7 Danica McKellar Museum Page 8 Danica McKellar Museum Page 9 Danica McKellar Museum Page 10 Danica McKellar Museum Page 11 Reserved for future use Reserved for future use Reserved for future use Reserved for future use

Some old diary entries chronicling the crush on Danica I once had.
Good for a cheap laugh, if nothing else... Coming soon!


More stuff will be added soon!
If you have any suggestions or comments about this page, please post them in the guest book...

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