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The Math Series

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One Poem
A translation follows, so bear with me.

Poem with visual elements. Sorry.

Now, the translation, so you'll think I'm as clever as I do. To clarify, my highschool Trigonometry class was during fifth period, a digestive time, but not for math.

Fifth Period Was After Lunch

Ghost words taunting:
This is integral;
You'll need it later.
But my thoughts took a tangent,
Those years ago,
As they do now,
And I see "CAN'T",
Flashing in neon,
Knowing I'm having a[n]
Trigonometric Identity crisis.
The only sign I see
Is negative.
I've been tricked again
By my arc[h] nemesis,
But at least I,
Radical math poet,
Can complain
In verse.

7:45 pm, 2/9/98
With a nod to Mr. Mostoller, my college calculus instructor, for the final pun.
Copyright 1998 by Sharon J. Cichelli

Sharon J. Cichelli | | Spyderella's Lair | September 21, 1999