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Welcome to "Bubba's Country Estates". I'm Bubba. I hope that you will choose to make this your new home. This page will give a brief description of the many amenities you can expect as a member of our community, as well as testimonials from some of our long time residents. If you like what you see please complete the standard application form and return it as soon as possible.
Bubba's exemplifies luxury living at it's finest. This is typical of many of our fine homes. Many of our lots have trees, perfect for hanging an engine block.
We have plenty of parking for your vehicles, running or not.
We have large spacious lots, perfect for storage.
Our on property lake could have your trophy fish (or dinner).
Some of our residents relaxing around the clubhouse and pool.
Some of our lots even have plumbing hookups.
Just look at what our residents have to say.
  • Cletus says: "Since mom moved here with me and my 11 brothers and sisters it's been great. I like the pool and I haven't caught hardly no diseases."
  • Durwood says: "It's ok. I sure hope nuthin' falls on my head."
  • Earl says: "When I get home from my job at the meatpacking plant I like to relax. Drink a few beers and throw some fresh possum on thr barbeque. Except for the gunshots it's pretty quiet."
  • Jethro says:"Can't talk now, I'm tryin' to get this old car runnin'. Hand me that hammer, will ya'."
  • Selma says:"Oops. Sorry about that. I thought you were with Playboy. Uhh...the trailer park...yeah it''re kinda cute. You don't have a doublewide we can go to, do you?"
  • Mary Lou says: "I really like it here. Me and my brother just put that green singlewide on the corner lot. It's our first home. Wer'e newlyweds you know."
    Move-in Specials
    Hurry. These prime lots are going fast. If you act now you will receive:
    a free refrigerator (slightly used). free access to the "Jerry Springer Channel" with basic cable subscription.
    the first 100 people to sign a lease will receive:
    a pair of tickets to the WWF(you know; real sport).
    Lots are filling up fast. Please fill out the application below to reserve yours now.

    "Bubba's Country Estates" lease application
    Submitting it will send e-mail directly to me!
    What's your name?


    What is your common law spouses name?


    Are you and your spouse related by blood?

    Number of legitimate children?

    Number of illegitimate children?

    Number of ex-spouses?

    Year of trailer?



    Do you have
    a sattelite dish?
    junk cars?
    junk refrigerators?
    roof tires?
    a running vehicle?
    How many TV's do you own?

    What brand of beer do you drink?

    How many cases per week?

    Number of packs you smoke in a day?

    Number of teeth?

    Number of felony arrests?


    Time served?

    Number of blue tattoos?

    Number of tattoos with colors?

    Do you eat

    Do you want
    running water?
    mail delivery?

    Select your favorite TV show:

    Why do you want to live at "Bubba's Country Estates"?