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ABSTRACT: Brief bios of Texans Bobby Joe and Susan P. Armstrong, a Texas teacher. Bobby Joe has served in several area churches and completed various missionary forays, in addition to pastoring Rivercrest House of Prayer.

Who ARE we?

BJ, 2nd birthday, Jones Park, Lufkin

Bobby Joe Armstrong

Early Years

Born in Lufkin, Texas, and reared in the Salvation Army church, Bobby Joe Armstrong became a graduate Corps Cadet upon completion of that organization's six-year Bible study program.

B.J., 1958 LHS grad After graduating from Lufkin High School, Bobby Joe served six years in the United States Air Force.

Daughter Kimberly was born to Bob and wife Mary Phyllis Reeves (now Wall) while he was stationed in Omaha, Nebraska.

Airman B.J. Armstrong While serving in the Air Force in Korea and Japan, Bobby Joe was very active in church missionary activities
While stationed in Korea, Bob was involved in most church functions. 1961, B.J. [center], in Korean church congregation

Susan Pebworth Armstrong

A brief history

In 1976, Bobby Joe Armstrong married native Texan and "oil-field brat," Susan Jean Pebworth, a graduate of Kilgore High School, in Kilgore, Texas, who, at the time of their marriage, was living in Lufkin, Texas, in Angelina County, the home of most of her ancestors.

Sue, Kilgore High Senior
As a result of earlier marriages, Bob and Sue were already parents of Kimberly, Benjamin and Ramona. Kim, Ben, Mona

Together, Bob and Suzi attended Stephen F. Austin State University in neighboring Nacogdoches, Texas. In 1983, Susan graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and English and received a Texas Teaching Certificate.

Sue, 1983 SFA grad
After graduating college, Suzi taught ESL in public school in Central Texas, choosing this location because of its proximity to their first grandchild, Larry Booker, Jr. Kim, Larry Jr., and Suzi, 1984
After teaching in Killeen, TX, Suzi moved back to the family refuge in the East Texas Piney woods in June of 1985, in order to attend graduate school, to experiment with her first personal computer, and to enjoy programs received on their new 10-foot wide satellite dish. A few of Suzi's ESL students, 1983
Daughter Kimberly had two more sons, and before long, Suzi became their stay-at-home babysitter. Grandchildren, 1987, [from left to right: Elijah Caleb, Larry Jr., and Tanner Lee]

1975 Ordination Certificate:

Bob and Susan Armstrong


After his military service, Bob supported his family working in the construction industry.

In 1975, Bob was ordained as a non-denominational minister.

1978, Gulf Coast

Afterward, Bob pastored several small non-denominational churches on the Texas Gulf Coast and in Angelina County.

East Texas [Odesta Kay was front and center]

Bob preaching, 1981

In 1981, Bob and Sue lived in a converted school bus beside the Rivercrest church that Bob was pastoring. [Tubby and Ruthie are shown in photo.]

One of several hundred baptisms in Angelina River [Kenneth Murrell, shown at extreme left, has since passed away.]

1981, Rivercrest's faithful members observing chilly river baptism (Donald, Donnie, Tina [behind Donnie], Tubby, Joe Benny, Jennifer, Wesley with his mom, Odell, Trish, Flossie [behind Odell])

Current Activities:


1985 boy's club campout

In the years when he wasn't pastoring, Bobby Joe Armstrong remained active teaching Sunday school, band, and boys club activities.

  Armstrong-Booker Family - 1992

  Kimberly [top row, center] has five children (all of whom are now grown) -- [center row] Emerald Jade Faith, Larry, Jr., [bottom row] Tanner Lee, A.D. Jacob and Elijah Caleb. [Sue in on the extreme left, and Bob in on the extreme right of this picture.]

  Kimberly now has ten grandchildren of her own.

Rivercrest House of Prayer     Bobby Joe is currently pastor-for-life of Rivercrest House of Prayer, an interdenominational church near Lufkin, TX. After suffering a debilitating stroke two days after Christmas in 2009, he remains unable to walk or talk, and is being cared for at home.

   Suzi teaches middle-school and high-school Spanish in North Texas.

Created December 1998
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