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HELLO!!! My name is jakob187. Thanx for dropping by here. There isn't too much on here, but you can find out a little more about me and my interests. I'm 19 with a free mind to make choices, and that makes me one of America's worst nightmares. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! OK, I won't lie to ya....the chances of this page being updated often is about the same chance that the Jets will ever see a Super Bowl!! So, don't look for many updates, but hey, it's a fun place to be. I always enjoyed going to Hell, and I think you enjoy it too, don't cha? Anywayz, I just wanna give a couple of shots out to my peepz:

--Angelfire and the rest for the free services and stuff
--Uncle Danny, for gettin the WebTV connected so I could start this page
--Mom and Dad, for loving each other so much the night I was conceived
--Scott and Craig, my metalhead brothers, for kicking so much ass and never bitching about me forgetting them in the shoutouts
--My favorite beaners, Richard and Rod, my black-ass Triston, Tommy, Mikey, and all my friends wherever I am for being too fruckin cool!
--Lindsey and Kristy, the ones who have put me through Heaven and Hell, taught me lessons in life, helped me through rough waters, and been able to understand me (I'll love you both no matter what)
--Christina, for being there when I needed you in meant a lot to me that you'd accept some punk kid who'd always be fighting with don't even know!
--Aubrey, for not bitching me out for a while about how I haven't ever thrown in a shoutout to her
--Jon, for being the coolest Polar Bear someone could know and introducing me to one of my new favorite pastimes--karaoke!
--Casey, for being a great friend, even when you were 2 inches from me with Mikey on ya!
--Manacotta, for not only puttin up with me, but helping me improve as an actor and a'll never even know either
--Jeremy, for giving me someone to look back on for a feeling of true hate
--All the little people I'll have to step on to become famous
--Finally, everyone I've forgotten, friends and family, you know who you are....and I only have so much space and not enough thought process to think of things to say. I love you all, and I'll include you in the liner notes and thank you's in my albums to come when I make it. Thanx for everything. I hope you enjoy this site.

Now, as a wise man once told me, "Get with the f***in PROGRAM AND HURRY UP!!!!"


See Those Who Have
Admit Your Sins

Check it out!!!! It's that new page at jakob's where he talks about his life....COOL!!! Let's go, let's go......

Also, check this out as as of 10/20/01!!! MY SORT OF TRIBUTE PAGE TO THE GREATEST BAND ON EARTH!!!

If you have any complaints, bitch me out at


This is for all the people that have pissed me off in my life.....

This page is brought to you by the letter "A", for anarchy....the American way!!!!