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"From Zero to Hero-Iolaus2!"

From zero to Hero...never has a phrase been so appropriate. In the five seasons of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys actor Michael Hurst has brought us some of the most memorable characters. Foremost among these, of course, is our Golden Hunter, Iolaus.

But then last season happened and we lost Iolaus. And to be completely honest, not many Iolausians wanted to give the new guy a chance, myself included. However, we should have known that with Michael Hurst at the helm, ANY character he gave us was going to be worth keeping. And boy, was Iolaus2 worth keeping!

In just seven episodes, Iolaus2 went from the Sovereign's Jester, a frightened, lonely creature afraid of his own shadow, to someone that Hercules could count on, someone that braved a whole new world for the chance to start again, someone that discovered he was indeed worthy of another's love. In short, he became a hero in his own right. Hopefully this page will show that transition in an entertaining and informative fashion. Enjoy!

The Jester

"If he starts to mime, he's a dead man." -- Ares in Stranger in a Strange World

Yeah, we were all pretty worried about the little guy there for awhile. But as we all know, not all heroes are born. Some are FORCED into it. And when Ares imprisoned the Olympian Gods in the Labyrinth of Eternal Memory, it was up to Hercules and the Jester to save the day. The pride and self-confidence brought on by helping the demigod free the Olympians suddenly made him aware that maybe, just maybe, he would get a second chance to be the person he was destined to be. By Zeus! There was hope for him yet!

The Inventor

So, as Aphrodite would say, "Curly from the Swirly," made the jump from his universe to Hercules'. Not an easy thing to do, especially when you look and sound exactly like Herc's late partner and best friend. As we see in the episode Just Passing Through, it's going to take a little time for both of them to get used to this new situation. Herc has to realize that Iolaus2 is NOT his Iolaus and never will be. And this new Iolaus has to come to terms with the fact that, even though he's not the hunter and adventurer the old Iolaus was, he still has many, many wonderful things to offer.

And hey, as it turns out, Iolaus2 has quite the penchant for coming up with incredibly useful things....In fact, did you know that he invented:

Reading glasses?


and a very early prototype of the now-famous Zippo lighter??

The Teacher

In the episode "The Academy," Hercules and Iolaus2 visit Cheiron's Academy, where the demigod and his friend, along with Jason, then the Crown Prince of Corinth, attended school. Although Jason is surprised by Iolaus2's striking resemblance to his late friend, he soon becomes fond of the little guy and his remarkable way with the children. One trait Iolaus2 and his alternate definitely share...the kids just love them!

The Hero

In "Fade Out," Iolaus2 shows that he is certainly a hero in his own right. When Hercules disappears (literally) due to some scheme of Ares and his nephew, Deimos, Iolaus2 not only helps Herc find the Eye of Argus and consequently keeps the demigod from fading away permanently, he also manages to hold his own against Discord.

And then one day it happened. Love found Iolaus2. Quite by accident, he caught the attention of a beautiful blue-eyed blonde, and when they was love at first sight. However, as is usual in these cases, neither was completely honest with the other. Iolaus2 didn't tell her that he was from the alternate universe, and Nautica forgot to mention that she was an excellent swimmer. But they were together, and for the moment, that was all that mattered.
The Lovers

Kiss me beneath the milky twilight
Lead me
out on the moonlit floor
Lift your open hand
Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance
silver moon's sparkling
So kiss me.

--"Kiss Me"
Sixpence None the Richer

And what relationship would be complete without the gods' interference? So Discord knows the truth...Nautica's a mermaid. But she's not just your ordinary, run of the mill mermaid. Nautica's heart is so pure that it warms the seas. Papa Triton failed to tell his daughter this, so when Nautica goes topside and falls for Iolaus2, the dark goddess uses this to further her own selfish means.

So in order to save the love of his life, Iolaus2 rescues Nautica from Discord and her minions' evil clutches and foils the goddess' plan to freeze the seas of Greece. There's just one problem though, to ensure the safety of the seas, Nautica has to go back.

And when you look in my eyes
Please know my heart is in your hands.
It's nothing that I understand
But when in your arms
You have complete power over me.
So be gentle if you please
Cause your hands are in my hair
But my heart is in your teeth baby
And it makes me want to make you
Near me always.

--"Near You Always"

Wedding Bells & Fish Tails

Iolaus, how much do you love Nautica?
I'd give up the whole world for her.
--Hercules & Iolaus2
My Best Girl's Wedding

But this love story isn't over yet! Despite comfort from Dite, Iolaus2 misses Nautica terribly. Everywhere he looks he's reminded of her and how they met, and how much he loves her. So he is indeed shocked when a pirate named Lysaka sails into port with his lovely fiancee...Nautica. Convinced that something is amiss, Dite helps Curly get to the bottom of things. This, however, is not an easy task....Will the REAL Iolaus2 please stand up?

When Lysaka's scheme to bribe Nautica into marrying him in order to save her father's life is exposed, Iolaus2 and Nautica find themselves together again...facing the last moments of their lives.

Nautica and Iolaus2, however, are content. At least they're together, and nothing will ever separate them again. He asks her to marry him, and she happily accepts. They await their fates. And of course Herc comes to the rescue, kicking some pirate butt and saving Iolaus2 and Nautica in the process.

Of course, now we're back to square one, Nautica's heart still warms the seas, and she still has to go back. But what of her and Iolaus2's declarations of love for each other? Iolaus2's promise to never leave her again? The marriage proposal, for Poseidon's sake? Well, not all gods are interfering nuisances....

Dite and Herc confer with each other and come up with a whale of an idea. Iolaus2 is grateful to Herc for bringing him to his world. He's learned more from Herc in the few months in this universe that he had in a lifetime in his own. Herc became the best friend he ever had. Still, he never really felt comfortable in Herc's world. So.....Dite unleashes a little magic, and Nautica and Iolaus2 swim off into the sunset....

....waving their tails behind them.

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