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Horse Crossword Puzzle

2.  A newborn horse of any sex
4.  The mother of a foal
7.  Technically means a male horse under the age of four but is often used for any young horse
8.  When a sire from one breed is bred with a dam from another breed
10. A healthy horse that has no breathing or lameness problems.
12. A one year old horse.
13. The long straps attached to the bit used by the rider to control the horse.
15. A female horse.
17. A simple piece of headgear for leading and tying up.
18. The part of the bridle that goes in the horse's mouth to give the rider more control
19. The father of a foal.
21. A female horse used for breeding
1.  The unit used to measure horses, from the ground to the withers.
2.  Rubbery V-shaped structure in the center of the sole, under the hoof.
3.  How a horse moves
5.  The combination of straps that fit around a horse's head and are used to control it for for riding
6.  A horse that is untrained or inexperienced.
9.  Any forward movement of the horse such as walking or galloping.
11. The shape of a horse, or the way it is put together.
14. Bred from horses of the same breed   (full blood).
16. A specialist in equine hoof care.
20. All the items of saddlery used for riding.
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