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Hello and welcome to Hallberg Knives. I'm Chuck Hallberg and have been making knives since 1991. All my knives are handmade by the stock removal method, and I work mainly with ATS-34 and D-2, although I do work with 440-v, 440-c, 154-cm, and Cruwear steels. I have all my blades professionally heat-treated and subjected to a deep cryogenic (-300 degree F) treatment after the heat treat. It adds to the performance of a knife by increasing the edge retention ability of the knife, as well as the following positive attributes: superior abrasive wear, strength and toughness, corrosive wear, fatigue limit, and impact strength. Each knife also comes with a hand made sheath (by me) that is created specifically for each knife I create. Please take the time to visit my galleries and let my know what you think. Thanks for stopping by.


If you see something you are interested in, I can be contacted at:

Charles D. Hallberg
11314 O'Donnell
Houston, Texas 77076