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~~ Pen & Ink Detail ... by J. Michael Hargrove ~~


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J. Michael Hargrove was born in Waxahachie, Texas, a small town known for its beautiful old homes. Michael grew up in several old houses and developed a love of architecture at a very early age. With a long line of artists in his family, he learned to draw and to paint very early on in his youth. The basic art precepts were taught to him by his grandmother, but Michael went on to study art and later earned his degree at Northwood Institute.

Michael has specialized in architectural drawings, both American and European, but at the same time is also an avid gardener and has done a series of Texas Botanicals, including the Bluebonnet and the Indian Paintbrush. These botanicals are rendered in the time-honored style of the botanical illustrations from English gardening books. The finely detailed drawings are done with the old fashioned quill pen, a dying art in itself. Each drawing is hand-colored with pencils or watercolours. In addition to the botanicals, as well as the European and English scenes, Michael has recently completed a new set of Victorian drawings executed in the style of drawings from the Dickensian era.

Moreover, some of his most popular work has been done in a limited edition set of Texas Courthouses, namely those of Dallas, Ellis, Tarrant, and Denton counties. To these favorite state buildings he has also added the State Capitol, the Alamo, and the Governor's Mansion, as well as numerous other Texas subjects. His personal interest in Texas history and preserving that history in his art has recently earned him a nomination for the 2001 designated Texas State artist.

Michael's interests are as varied as his subject matter in his work. Endless hours are spent with gardening both with native plants and exotics. He is widely known among his friends for his love of all things English and French, as they will attest he is a true Anglophile and Francophile. An avid and constant reader, he particularly loves English mysteries, social comedies, films, theater, and music. His love of dogs holds a special place in his life, as his late beloved "Sandy" is featured in all of the Dickens prints. In addition to collecting antiques, he has a fondness for Victorian glass, books, and calls himself a "trivia nut". He would be glad to hear from any and all others who suffer from these similar afflictions.

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