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"My treasures do not chink or glitter...
They gleam in the sun and neigh in the night."

Friesian Horses
(near Houston, Texas, USA)

"Cold land Friesland, from whence I came...
Sun-lit Viking masts, wind-whipped mane.
From Hadrian's Wall to Crusader's call...
I'm the noble bearer of victory and fame!"

Uwe - "Oovay"
He's getting Raven Reviews!
Friesian gelding - dob: July 4, 1998
Sire: Yk - Dam: Ourenske (by Doeke)

Uwe's Sire & Dam

June 12, 2004
Uwe and Chuey, one of his caretakers at Creek Colony Ranch

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Last updated on June 15, 2004

"...and God took a handful of southerly wind,
blew His breath over it, and created the horse."