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Book List:
{Based on four star system **** four stars = best}


Nutritional Herbology: A Reference Guide to Herbs
by Mark Pedersen
300+ pages. Nutritional profiles on individual and combination herbs. Folk and medical uses, typical dosages and traditional formulas. Available through Wendell W. Whitman Co. 302 E. Winona Avenue, Warsaw, In 46580 (800) 241-2401 ****

Edible Wild Plants of Eastern and Central North America
by Lee Allen Peterson
600+ pages. Excellent resourse for those wishing to find food sources in the wild. Sample drawings and description of each plant. Houghton Mifflin Co. Boston ****

Medicinal Plants
by Foster and Duke
300+ pages. Dedicated to the description of various wild plants and their medical uses. Simple drawings and descriptions at each. One of the Peterson Field Guides. Houghton Mifflin Co. boston. ****

Indian Herbology of North America
The Definitive Guide to Native Medicinal Plants and Their Uses

by Alma R. Hutchins:
300+ pages. Reference book containing information about the uses of common and unusual herbs by Ntive Americans, Russian, European and homeopathic sources. Shambhala Boston ****

The Spiritual Properties of Herbs
By Gurudas
250+ pages. Very interesting channeled information regarding the various energetic properties of herbs and their influence over the human energy field and physical body. Cassandra Press, San Raphael, Ca. ***

Garden Workbook
The Complete Guide to Working with Nature Intelligences

By Machaelle Small Wright
300+ pages. Workbook designed to help individuals learn to work with Devas and Nature spirits rather than against their natural order. Very helpful in growing foods and medicinal herbs. Perelandra, Jeffersonton, Virginia. ***1/2

Nature/Nature Energies/Animals

Love, Miracles and Animal Healing
By Allen M. Shoen D.V.M. and Pam Proctor
200+ pages. One Vets experiences with various of animals in his care, plus some natural treatments used. Simon and Shuster. (box of tissues required while reading) ***1/2

Animal Speak - The Spiritual & Magical Powers
of Creatures Great and Small

By Ted Andrews
350+ pages. A comprehensive dictionary of Animal, Bird, Reptile and Insect Kingdom Totems as well as ritual and exercises to contact your own totems. Llewellen Publications, St. Paul, MN. ***1/2
He also has helped come out with a line of tarot cards called Animal-Wise which can be used in conjunction with this book, or without.

Behaving as if the God in all Things Mattered A New Age Ecology By Machaelle Small Wright
200+ pages. The story of the suthors life and her dealings with nature intelligences as well as information helping others to learn to hear and see them. Various exercises contained within. Perelandra, Jeffersonton, Virginia. ***

The Tellington Touch (T Touch)
By Linda Tellington Jones with Sybil Taylor
200+ pages. A simple massage type technique for use with animals. Penguin Bboks **1/2


Essential Reiki
A Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art

By Diane Stein
150+ pages. A highly controversial Reiki book. Diane Stein bucks all traditional secrets and does as her heart and conscience lead her! She has brought a highly secretive, very expensive yet highly effective healing technique back and given it to all of us, exactly here it belonged in the first place. Information on treatments, attunements, symbols, degrees, etc. The Crossing Press Inc. ****1/2

Hands of Light
A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field

By Barbara Ann Brennan
200+ pages. A must for any healers library and a good educational text for the curious. Bantam New Age Books ****

Light Emerging The Journey of Personal Healing
By Barbara Ann Brennan
300+ pages. The second in Barbara’s remarkable series. Excellent information and illustrations. Bantam New Age Books ****

Your Body Remembers New Decision Therapy
To Heal the Past and Become Fully Present

By Kandice Blakely MFCC
100+ pages. Tired of all those old experiences blocking you from moving on? This technique can help bring them to consciusness and release them in a few simple yet powerful steps. Atherika Productions P.O. Box 1091 Mt. Shasta, California 96067. ****

By Farida Sharan MDMA MH ND FBRI
300+ pages. A complete guide to diagnosing through the iris and to related forms of treatment. Thorsons, and imprint of Harper Collins Publishers. ****

Reiki, The Healing Touch
By William Lee Rand
50+ pages. Another good book on Reiki techniques by a dedicated and experienced teacher. Well worth reading as well as listening to. {Tapes on various subjects available and worth the investment.} check out his web site at vision Publications, 29209 Northwestern Hwy. #592 southfield, MI 48034 (810) 948-8112 ***1/2

MAP: The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program
By Machaelle Small Wright
100+ pages. A co-creative melding of man and nature forces to promote healing. Interesting, effective ideas and exercises worth trying. Perelandra, Ltd. ***1/2

Time Is an Illusion
By Chris Griscom with Wolfing von Ruhr
200+ pages. Life of a spiritual healer and teacher, some of her techniques and instructions for some of them. Mostly descriptions of how she thinks these things work. Simon and Shuster ***

Healing Through Colour, Homeopathy and Radionics

By MacIvor and LaForest
Explorations into these healing methods with a focus on the work of now deceased Dr. MacNaughton. Samuel Weiser, Inc. **

Nuclear Evolution - Discovery of the Rainbow Body
By Christopher Hills
950+ pages. Full of information about human spiritual evolution, energies, chakras, etc. Occasionally, difficult to wake through, there are bright spots all throughout it. University of the Trees, Boulder, Colorado ***1/2


The Prism of Lyra
An Exploration of Human Galactic Heritage

By Royal and Priest
100+ pages. Various species and galactic families explained via channel Lyssa Royal. Royal Priest Press. Scottsdale, Arizona. ***

Visitors From Within
By Royal an Priest
150+ pages. Exploration of extraterrestrial contact and abduction phenomena as channeled by Lyssa Royal. Royal Priest Research Press. Scottsdale, Arizona ***


Morning Star - Chronicles of a Star Traveler
By Mezra, Freeman/Reddy
100+ pages. Life story of a Walk-in, his awakening and trials here on Earth. Mezra is a very gentle soul, a healer and light worker who has a definite path to fulfill here on Earth. Triad Communications, Sedona, Arizona ** ˝

Astral Travel

Through the Curtain
By Neal and karagulla
300+ pages. Astral adventures of Viola Petitt Neal and information she brought back with her from the “ashram” or place of learning on the astral. Highly recommended if simply for the concepts she brought back with her from her astral “classes”. DeVorss Publications, Marina Del Rey, California ****

Intuitive Development

Women’s Psychic Lives
By Diane Stein
300+ pages. Although exposing her views on women’s superiority a bit much here, this book is well worth the paper if you can ignore this. Full of anecedotes, information and exercises; Diane paints a beautiful picture of our natural abilities. Many of her exercises are quite powerful as well. Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, Minnesota ****

The Pleiadian workbook ~ Awakening Your Divine Ka
By Amorah Quan Yin
300+ pages. Excellent channeled information on various energy exercises. Designed to help unblock the various Ki channels within your energetic bodies and ultimately help you evolve to a higher state. Bear & Company Publishing ****

Develop Your Psychic Skills
By Enid Hoffman
150+ pages. Excellent advice and exercises on awakening your own psychic abilities. Whitford Press, Atglen, PA ***1/2

You Are Psychic!
By Phil Sanders
150+ pages. Good basic information on developing your abilities. Very good for beginners. The tape course that he sells is also worth the effort although much more expensive. ***


By Pamala Oslie
300+ pages. Descriptions of the colours of the aura that reveal personality traits. Very simply put and easily understandable. Aura colour quiz and exercises to see the aura. New World Library ****

Past Lives

How to Uncover Your Past Lives
By Ted Andrews
150+ pages. Nine different methods for retrieving your past lives. Information abut kharma, soul mates and twin suls. Good book for beginners. Llewellen Publications, St. Paul, Minnesota ***

Reliving Past Lives
By Helen Wambach, Ph.D
200 pages. Evidence gathered from regressions of over 1,000 subjects. Interesting correlation between historical knowledge of sex and population distributions that matched her findings. Barnes and Noble Books **1/2


Love is in the Earth ~ a Kaleidoscope of Colors
By Melody
450+ pages. A “reference book describing the Metaphysical properties of the mineral kingdom.” Earth-Love Publishing House, Wheatridge, Colorado ****

Love is Earth ~ Minerological Pictorial
By Meloday
400+ pages. Colour pictures of many of the minerals found in Melody’s previous book. Earth-Love Publishing House, Wheatridge, Colorado *** ˝


Subtle Aromatherapy
By Patricia Davis
200+ pages. Dedicated to educating on the uses of aromatherapy essential oils on a solely spiritual level. Vibrational healing, role of the healer, crystals, meditation, etc. The C.W. Daniel co. Ltd. England. *** ˝


Tarot for Yourself
A Workbook for Personal Transformation

By Mary K. Greer
200+ pages. “A personal journal and a workbook of value to the beginning aspirant as well as the advanced practitioner”. Newcastle Publishing co. Inc. van Nuys, California ***

How To Use Tarot Spreads
Answers To Every Question

By Sylvia Abraham
250+ pages. Gives the meaning to all the major and minor acranca cards and well as the astrological meanings. Contains 37 different spreads from love and romance, high finance, self-knowledge to just for fun readings and lots in between! ****

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