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History 1301 Helper - U.S to 1877


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To 1816

Sites marked with a check mark indicate recommended for Internet Worksheets.

  • American Indians
  • Africa
  • Europeans
  • Christopher Columbus
  • To the Colonies
  • To the American Revolution
  • To the New Republic and the Washingtons & Adamses
  • Jeffersonian Democracy (includes Lewis & Clark)
  • The Madisons and the War of 1812
  • The Era of Good Feelings
  • John Q. and Louisa Adams
  • Jacksonian Democracy including the "Trail of Tears"
  • Slavery and African-Americans - Focus on pre-Civil War era (before 1860 and antebellum period)
  • The Industrial Revolution
  • The Seekers: Religion, Recreation, Utopianism, Reform in the 19th Century
  • 19th Century Women
  • African-Americans in the Antebellum 19th Century
  • Hispanics and the Mexican War
  • Westward Expansion including Pioneers
  • Civil War
  • Reconstruction
  • To History 1302 - 1877

    General History Resources
  • History Resources (University of Illinois)
  • Lecture Resources

    Exercises on the Internet
  • Donner Online Exercise
  • Mercy or a Puritan Revolutionary - a play in two acts
  • National Archives Digital Classroom
  • Eyes on Art with Teacher's Guide
  • Why Do Civilizations Fall Internet Exercise
  • History Matters
  • The Lesson Plans Page
  • Using Historical Markers in the Classroom
  • Columbia Education Center - OFCN's Academy - Social
    Studies Exercises
  • Denmark Vesey Exercise