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Site to relaunch soon...

We're moving to dqshrine shortly.  Our new site can be found here. The Dragon Warrior Gaiden preview has been reformatted and updated with a new screenshot and some artwork


About | May 7, 2003 | David Anton

Red Slime Dragon Warrior Gaiden Resurfaces

One of the first projects under development is no other than the often delayed Dragon Warrior Gaiden.  The project was revived a while back and a steady stream of progress has been made since.  While the name is still tentative, many of the details such as the story background have fallen into place. Scheduled for a Summer 2003 release, check out the preview and all of the newly announced information and pictures.  

Projects | April 6, 2003 | David Anton


Liquid Crystal launches

After a rough and hectic preparation, a new game design studio finally becomes a reality. Our goal is to take game design to the next level.  We are going to implement an articles section.  This section will have contributions from our staff and will focus on different aspects of game development from interactive music to character development systems.  While we will only be focusing on one project at a time, ideas that we can't put into that project may spark new projects, so expect to see several games in the projects section soon, even if it's just artwork and designs.  For more information, take a glimpse in the about section.

About | April 6, 2003 | David Anton