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General Information on Dachshunds

Dachshunds are wonderful pets, but there are some things, both good and bad, you should know about them before getting one. There are two sizes: miniature (under 10 lbs.) and standard and three coat types:long, smooth, wire. There are many colors in all of these types including red, dapple, and black and tan. They are said to be "clever, lively, and corageous to the point of rashness." They are very intelligent and people oriented. They are said to be lap dogs, as Lucy definately is. They were bred for hunting and have a keen sense of smell and a loud bark, which they use often. They need to be exercised often to avoid obesity which can lead to disc problems. Back problems plague this breed but can be prevented in many cases with proper exercise and handling. Hold your dog like a football with your hand supporting the chest between the legs and the arm going under the stomach and between the back legs. Dachshunds are very intelligent but often difficult to train because they can be very stubborn. Despite a few faults this breed is loyal, loving, intelligent, and a wonderful addition to any loving family.

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