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The Wedding

You're invited to my wedding
I'm going to be a bride
God made this match in heaven
When He laid my sins aside

The groom I'll have is perfect
He led a sinless life
Then gave himself to save my soul
So I could be His wife

The wedding feast will be quite grand
I hope that you'll be there
He gave His life for your soul too
It's a brideship we can share

My wedding lamp is filled with oil
For the groom I long to see
He'll soon be coming in a cloud
In all His majesty

Patiently I wait for Him
In hopes He'll soon return
Hoping all the world gets saved
And no one has to burn

There is a job been given me
While I await the groom
I must tell this sinful world
He's risen from His tomb

He'll be coming back one day
He'll come to take His bride
And those who have refused His love
Will have no place to hide

Those of us who live for Him
In whom He does abide
Shall all be at the wedding feast
For we shall be His bride

Because the bridegroom's perfect
And I've been born again
We'll soon be on our honeymoon
And it shall never end.

Author Unknown

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