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December 11th was the anniversary of when Jesus gave me Tina as my precious wife. To honor that day, I wrote the following:

I shudder at the thought of ever losing you.
Your heart completes my life, affects everything I do.
In a moment my life gained meaning, when you promised me your life.
I became a whole person when you became my wife.
There are just so many little things, that all add up to you.
Together they establish a foundation my heart is somehow connected to.
Your laughter never fails to bring a smile to my face. Your smile somehow seems to make things brighter, and chase sorrow away.
I watch you care for my son and thank God you are such a great mother.
I realize how special you are whenever I see you two together.
In Joseph I see your presence, he's so similar to you.
Every day I thank God my son's mother loves Jesus too.
I know we do not always see eye to eye.
Yet there is a common ground still.
Marriage is not about always being right or getting your way.
It is about following God's will.
If I had a chance to start over,
so many things would not be the same.
Yet when I started over,
I'd marry you again
So please let me thank you,
for promising to be my wife.
And of course Praise my blessed Savior.
For placing you in my life. I love you Tina Happy anniversary!

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