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Times Three

He said, "You will say you don't know me."
I love you Lord, this cannot be.
Before the rooster last crows you will deny,
Sadly you will look me in the eye,
This will be times three!
Luke 22:34

Feed My sheep, I ask of thee.
I will do anything You ask of me,
Love them each and every day,
Gently show them all My Way.
This will be times three!
John 21:15 -19

A sheet of meat for me to see.
"Arise and eat," He said to me,
When I was on the roof to pray,
Asking God to show me His Way.
This will be times three!
Acts 10: 9 - 16

Peter loved his Lord, as do we,
Though it seems he acted stubbornly.
If instead it had been me today,
Could I at once see it His Way?
Or would it have to be times three!

1994 Janice "Jan" Derrick

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