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All to Jesus, I surrender?

I give it all to Him,
When it does not take too much from me.
I offer all I have,
If what He wants is what I will give.

I realize my desires,
Are not always just like His,
In fact, if the truth be known,
My desire never really is.

Still I ask Him to save me,
His Grace does that for me.
Then I rest on that promise,
My eternal guarantee.

But what would I do, if by some chance,
Jesus could take salvation away?
Would I run for cover--that would do no good,
He has already seen my every day.

I could drop to my knees and beg forgiveness,
Maybe that would work.
Or would he just look at me and say in doubt
"These same words before I have heard"

Would Jesus wonder if I meant it then,
When I had not meant it before?
I do not know, I cannot guess,
But of this I can be sure.

Although I do not give Him my all,
My salvation is secure.
For Jesus will not forsake me like I have done to Him,

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