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A Song In The Night

The early morning dew glistens adorning the tapestry of God's garden.
Dawn gracefully spreads her wings and with joy declares His loving kindness.
The rising sun smiles upon the earth, radiantly shining forth God's glory.
Nature humbly genuflects honoring the Creator and His Righteousness.

Daylight exhibits exquisite paintings of the heavens and the earth.
Shades of colors unmatched by man, uniquely designed by God's loving hand.
A picturesque view, beautiful to behold by those who have eyes to see royalty displayed,
Evidence of God's perfect love with excellencies so grand.

A candle-like glow of the setting sun portrays God's majestic handiworks.
Brilliant spectrums softly brush the sky, filling our hearts with breathless delight.
The daytime slowly dissipates, glittering stars and moon now earth's light,
And while the dawn peacefully sleeps, God becomes our sweet song in the night.

Christine V. Cole

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