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Someone Died Today

Someone died without the Lord
another soul lost in hell
one that might in heaven be
if of our Savior we did tell.

How many people cross our paths
each and every day
did we take that moment
to share God in a special way?

Since actions speak as much as words
and we see those who are lost
we should always share our savior
and how He died upon that cross.

If we will just live our lives
to honor our sweet Lord
then others will know God's love
for our actions and words will show.

Someone died somewhere today
someone that we may know
did we change their destiny
by Gods love for them we've shown.

For somone died alone one day
nailed upon a tree
and even though it was long ago
He died for you and me.

And if we tell each one we meet
about our Saviors love
then noone else will die alone
for the angels with hover above.

Then when it's time to face our God
as Hes sitting on the throne
He can say "well done my child"
"you've help lead someone home".

ęCopyright 2001 Ruth Johnson

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