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The Smile Within My Heart

If my smile is only for a moment,
When things are going right.
What good is such a fading thing?
With such a fickle plight?

The feature that I long for,
Is like a fine piece of art.
One that truly shows the hope,
That exists in my heart.

A picture that is so amazing,
Words cannot define.
There is a healthy dose of compassion,
At the center of it's design.

But a smile is all I really have,
That can show in just a spark.
The feelings that I hold inside,
The real emotions of my heart.

So with this in mind, I must be sure,
To maintain a joyful grin.
For you never know just who is watching,
Or who is looking in.

For others will judge me by the way,
I react when things go wrong.
They will be focusing on the words of my lips,
Be it a sound of sorrow or a joyful song.

A smile will show my inner truth,
If in hard times it remains.
But the lack of a grin can display,
A heart full of disdain.

This is why I fill my life with God.
For He protects my world from the dark.
And allows the light to shine,
From the smile within my heart.

Jay Parr

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