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Where The Road Leads

The road always leads back home,
No matter which way your feet tend to roam.
All my life this is what I heard people say,
Many was the time I tried to go some other way.

"There's no place like home," have you heard this one too?
When we try to leave we find this is so true.
The surroundings familiar, the smells so sweet,
There's no place like home, our hearts repeat.

Have you ever smelled something that takes you back in time?
Or seen a scene that completely clouds your mind?
Take a trip down memory lane and you will understand,
That the road to home is something mighty, mighty grand.

Think about all the times you wanted to run away,
To find a place that gave a new start to another brand new day.
And when you settled into that place all new,
You found that to go home again was all you wanted to do.

I've read that the road to heaven has many bumps and curves.
It is mighty narrow, never widens, never swerves.
So as you travel down life's road,
And at times when you feel that heavy load.

Know that there is a map to find your way home.
You can call 911, but not on the telephone.
Just put your hands together, close your eyes and bow your head.
Remember all the Words to you so many times He has said.

Home is where the heart is. Where is yours today?
Is it safe with Jesus, or has it gone astray?
Keep your eyes on Him no matter where you roam.
Then one day before long, you find your road is leading home.

1999 Janice "Jan" Derrick

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