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The Rapture

We’ll soon know, Lord, says Brother Sal,
if this will be the year
that You’ll appear, and say to us,
“Hey, Watchers, come up here!”.

There are so many people, Lord,
that I can’t wait to meet,
and we shall fall down prostrate, Lord,
before Your Mercy Seat.

And no more tears or sorrow, Lord,
will ever touch us then;
no hate, no strife, no worry, Lord,
for there will be no sin.

What a party that will be,
You’ll be our precious Host,
and we shall have forever more,
just what we want the most.

And all the ones we miss so much
again we’ll get to see,
and we’ll feel nothing but Your love
throughout eternity!!!

Come soon, Lord Jesus!

©Peggy McIlveene
March, 2002

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