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Power Through Prayer

No man is greater than his prayer life.
The pastor who is not praying is playing.
The people who are not praying are straying.
The church has many organizers but few agonizers;
Many players and payers but few prayers;
Many singers, few clingers;
Lots of pastors but few wrestlers;
Many fears but few tears;
Much fashion but little passion;
Many interferers, few intercessors.
The secret of praying is praying in secret.
A sinning man will stop praying and
A praying man will stop sinning.
Prayers if profoundly simple are simply profound.
The modern church set-up has the
Main goal and anxiety on money.
Yet that which tries the modern church the most
Troubled the New Testament church the least.
Our accent is on paying;
Theirs was on praying.
There is no substitute for genuine prayer.

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