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The Pastor's Wife

We often hear of Hero's
on the news at night
how someone went into a fire
to save someone else's life

BUT, there's another Hero
that we never hear about
thou her love and dedication
are never in a doubt

Often took for granted
never glorified
still she keeps on going
for the person by her side

She stands beside him everyday
no matter what is thrown their way
for he was called from above
to spread the message of GODS' LOVE

And just as he was called
she was hand picked too
for it takes someone special
to do what she must do

And thou he may get the glory
and he may get the fame
she will stand beside him with love
and help him just the same

she is the person he turns to
when he needs a friend
she will always be there
to the glorious end

I would like to take this moment to introduce to you
a Lovely unsung hero for whom
GOD handpicked to spend her life
as the pastor's WIFE

Donna Golden

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