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I Found a New Love Today

I found a new love today
As I got down on my knees
And ask Jesus into my heart
To be a part of me.

The love of God is pure and rare
He shows it in many ways
It has no beginning, it has no end
It shows in His creation everywhere.

He promised He would never leave me
No matter how far I go
His Holy Spirit comforts me
When I’m sad and feeling low.

Never has other love compared
For God did send His Son
To die upon a cross for me
And I wasn't even there.

He sends His guardian angels
To watch over me day and night
And then there are those angels
Who my battles they will fight.

And when the battles over
And time on earth is gone
I will see my newfound love
Sitting on the throne.

©Copyright 2001 Ruth Johnson

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