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My Dad

My dad was always there for me.
He picked me up when I was down.
I always felt so safe and secure.
Because I knew he was around.

My dad taught me how to throw a ball,
He never asked for perfection.
He never made fun of me or put me down,
If my throws went in the wrong direction.

I know there were times when I let him down.
I know I have broken his heart.
But he never turned his back on me
Even when my actions threatened to tear us apart.

His example was one that demanded attention.
He taught me to be a man.
It was not just by the words he said.
But by the gentleness of his hand.

My father punished me when I needed discipline,
Scolded when I deserved a lesson,
But I never remember believing that I was mistreated,
Or victim of misplaced agression.

My dad's love also helped me later in life,
Love my eternal father too
For in me dad created an image of
A father who was always true.

I thank my dad for all his love.
And for the man I am trying to be.
But no matter how old I get,
I will always be his little monkey.


Jay Parr

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