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A Matter of Faith

His ministry took Him to many towns
Preaching the gospel and healing.
This Son of God attracted great crowds
Who found His message appealing.

He spoke truth to them with love and concern,
As a father would speak to his child.
Angry Pharisees grew increasingly jealous
Of this man by whom all were beguiled.

While Jesus was speaking to a group of people,
A ruler kneeled before Him and cried,
In anguished voice that was choked with emotion
Saying to Him, "My daughter's just died;"

"But come and lay your hand on her, and she'll live."
To the Lord Jesus Christ the man said.
The ruler had the faith that at His holy touch
His daughter would be raised from the dead.

So Jesus took His Disciples and followed the man,
And while he was leading them,
A woman with hemorrhage came up from behind
To just touch His garment's hem.

For the past twelve years she had been ill,
But had the faith that if His robe she could touch;
It was all that she needed to cure her ailment.
A cure she'd desired so much.

"Take heart daughter," Jesus said to the woman,
"Your faith has made you well."
She was cured at that instant in a miraculous way
How He sensed her touch none there could tell.

As they arrived at the house of the ruler they saw
That many people were gathered there weeping.
"Depart," Jesus said to the tumultuous crowd
"For the girl is not dead but sleeping."

He then entered the house to their mocking laughter
When He touched her, she arose from her bed.
The report of this miracle raced all through that district;
That He'd brought the girl back from the dead.

Mathew 9:18-26

John McKee

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