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A Man Named Jesus

There was a man named Jesus
(really the Son of God),
One day Heíll rule on His New Earth,
With crown & robe & rod.

He was laid in a manger of hay,
for there was no room in the inn that day.
He was born to save us from our sin,
Wonít you open your heartís door,
and let him come in?

At twelve, He went to the temple to preach,
the Word of the Lord, the Jews to teach.
At thirty years old, His ministry began,
preaching the Kingdom of Heaven to man.

At thirty-three, all hell broke loose,
His death was soon to come,
The grave held him for just three days,
Their Messiah, Godís own Son.

He was beaten and berated,
And then denied thrice;
The Messiah, the Savior,
Godís perfect sacrifice.

Heíll come again to take us Home,
where we can live with Him,
Forever more, weíll want for naught,
and the Light will never dim.

©Peggy McIlveene

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