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I Love You Dad

I fondly recall the times we spent just Dad and me.

L ooking back I appreciate the sacrifices he made to provide my childhood with happiness.
O ver the years I have grown to respect my father for the way he taught me to be a man.
V ivid memories of the laughter we shared flood my memory with waves of joy.
E ven when he had worked all day my father found more energy for us kids.

Y ears ago I realized how wonderful a friend my Dad was for me.
O h, if I could have been as good of son as he was a wonderful father to me.
U nder my father's roof I learned how to love my son.

D aily encouragement from my father helped me grow in confidence.
A lthough he had a full schedule he always found time for ours, always putting family before self.
D ad I love you. Thanks so much for teaching me to be a good father.

Jay Parr - Father's Day, 2000 - Written for his father, Gene Parr

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