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The Day Our Lives Changed...

September 11, 2001 Bombing of the World Trade Center

The day began as many days,
With skies so clear and blue…
People carried out their tasks
Without a thought of you.

But suddenly, the earth stood still,
As terror filled the skies…
Life, as we had come to know
was changed before our eyes.

Oh God, you heard the many cries
That rang across our land…
Even those who seldom pray
Came forth with praying hands.

Others who have followed you
Were lost for ample words…
And no one was prepared for it;
This horror we observed.

And as the days and weeks go by
We search to find our way…
To help our children understand
What happened on that day.

Their future lies uncertain now,
As reality sets in…
Their innocence and carefree ways
Now drifting far from them.

The young adults, who, yesterday,
Had lofty plans ahead…
now suddenly may find themselves
involved in war instead.

Lord, help us rise above our grief
And lead us close to You…
As parents, we all need to know
What You would have us do.

Help prepare our "children" now,
As soldiers, brave and tall...
Rise them up, beneath Your wings,
That none may slip and fall.

Written by Jill Lemming

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